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A Little About Me


My Dad had an old film camera which he let me use when I was a young teenager. I became interested in taking 'creative photos'. I remember I was in Sri Lanka where my parents, my sister and I were living as they had moved back as pastors and missionaries. We were driving down south and as usual I was looking out the window observing the scenery and people. Suddenly I said, 'Stop Daddy, I'd like to take a photo with the camera.' He was surprised but lovingly obliged. There was a shop filled with beautiful clay pots and clay items. The reddish orange hues of color stood out against the cloudless blue sky and green vegetation surrounding the dilapidated looking shop.  I stepped onto the dusty road and framed the shop and took the shot. 


Years, later I am a wife, mother and a Physician Assistant with a MPH  but the love of the arts have always kept me going. It's a stress reliever and a creative outlet. My family and friends have asked me to take photos for them over the years. In 2020 a photographer/ neighbor asked me to be a second shooter and something clicked inside. I realized I wanted this photography to be more than a hobby. I realized maybe this passion can much so much more.

More than a creative outlet. 

A way to use my talents to help my family and even more to help others.

A purpose.

I hope you will read about my #photoforhope™ cause.

Johanna Moses


To Capture a Moment in Time

the smiles

the joy

the family

the memories

the accomplishments

the childhood

the beauty

To give and share hope through a lens


Photography creates the ability to remember a precious moment. It can compose an action of hope and can be a means of depicting a story that needs to be told. 

As years go by there is growth, there is change. I hope to continue to develop my art in capturing the beauty of people and families in those special moments.


I love working with community minded organizations and individuals. As the Founder of The Ephraim Foundation International, we are also passionate about giving our best and putting in the same care and attention that we do in our outreach projects into the photo sessions for you!
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