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This is rubbish. No one wants to hear those words. The task has been completed, you wait for feedback. Hearing only negative feedback, makes it difficult to feel motivated to move forward. When I wrote the first draft of the children's book, I excitedly sent it off to a friend with multiple advanced degrees hoping for some positive feedback, I received none. I was a little discouraged as it felt like a suggestion that maybe this was not the best way to spend my time. Unbeknownst to them, I'm not one to back down from a challenge or give up or let someone's negative feedback make me give up.

In high school I went to an after school tutoring session as that was what everyone did. Go to school then after school you go to more classes, tutoring sessions, extra sessions and even more classes. I went to this one extra class, the teacher was an older lady, tall or much taller than the 5'1 petite scrawny structure that I was back in high school. Her glasses would fall right on the edge of her nose, trying to fall right off. She would peer over them in a very superior way. After some time working through rote chemistry equations she for some reason looked at me and said, 'you are stupid and won't ever be able to do chemistry or anything else." Shocked as I thought, I was doing quite well. I did not cry either, surprisingly. I carried through the rest of the lesson. Later my mother picked me up and I told her what the teacher said. Of course my parents never took me back to her. I then of course also graduated with a bachelors degree in...chemistry and completed a few more degrees after that.

I had learned in that moment as a high school student to never let someone discourage me. Take the critique and improve upon myself. Since then, I have had many more experiences of people in power with harsh critiques, disparaging comments or discouraging friends yet I take the good and put more effort into what I can improve.

Although, one thing I did realize is that you do need at least one person cheering you on, encouraging you and giving you positive feedback that will outweigh the negative. My parents were that to me, encouraging me. They said, 'you do what makes you happy, you can do it.' Those words were a catalyst for me to see potential and keep the momentum going.

Encouragement is very important. As I took the feedback from that first person, I then submitted the manuscript to editors who focus on story development. Their input was full of encouragement. Their critique was full of positives aimed to help me fine tune the story. They wrote about what needed to be done yet they saw potential which kept me going.

Sparking hope in someone is vital to the sustainability, momentum and direction of that person's life. If all we hear is negative even for the most stalwart of persons, the road in life may be a slippery one. Most people will always be able to point to someone, even a strangers' kindness as a moment of significant influence in their life.

Little Evie's Big Dreams is meant to allow a child to aspire, dream and imagine. To see the effect from friends helping each other, encouraging each other and showing compassion.

It brings me to why one of the main goals of The Ephraim Foundation International is to encourage and to inspire great hope in those we help. We know what a difference one person's belief in another can have...

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