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Pandemic Creations

Updated: May 23, 2020

The year 2020 began with all the excitement and anticipation of greatness. Our first baby, a darling little girl was due in January. Babies, such a sweet reminder of the ultimate creation of love and wonder.

I was working as a Hospitalist Physician Assistant walking flights of stairs to the different medical floors seeing patients ill, improved and improving. Waddling down the hallways to see the never ending stream of patients coming in from the ED. We were neck deep into flu season. I was valiantly attempting to fend off all the viral infections as my due date came closer and closer and the patients came sicker and sicker. Then baby came and everything else in the world faded as we focused in on being new parents tending to this dainty tiny little human being. I had managed to work full time 12 hour shifts until 9 months pregnant, fighting through flu season, delivering a beautiful baby. All of a sudden the world came to a complete standstill as SARs-CoV-2 (aka Coronavirus/COVID-19) came barreling from one end of the world to another depleting supplies, creating devastating economic changes and a sudden sense of dread when people coughed, sneezed or breathed. Death in a breath. Jobs lost. People tucked away in their own little homes. Governments seemed closed with news reels on a never ending whirl.

As the baby grew and we seemed to come out of our own little wormhole of q2hr feedings, changing, bathing, feeding, changing, bathing...we found we had time. Although, filled with stuff to do for and to baby yet I realized I needed time to create. Seeing beauty in the mundane and admiring the wonders of nature has always been a part of my creative outlet. Change allows growth. A baby creates a world of change to new parents. We see a whole lotta change with resulting growth and development each and every day in the life of the little baby. This year, this planet earth, our world, countries, economies, populations of people around the globe have seen enormous change. Change may seem bad at times. The change from sleeping peacefully all night and sometimes sleeping in to getting up every 1-2 hours to feed and do diaper changes seemed bad, so bad but things change. The cause of the change in our lives was this precious baby whom we love and adore. Though things were and are difficult we push through. We challenge ourselves. We choose to grow and develop strengths in the face of change. In our little world and the big world around us I know we all are choosing to face the challenges of today with strength and grace, pushing through this testing of our time. A resulting growth and development will be obtained. We shall all see it through new eyes of wonder.

Through this pandemic and maybe some need for another outlet of creativity, this website was developed.

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